10 Tools for Combining Multimedia for Digital Storytelling

There are tools available online that allow you to upload pics and audio in order to put together your digital stories.

Some of the best free and online digital media storytelling tools are:

Storify: is an online platform that lets pull in photos, videos, text, and other social media components to tell a story.   You can also drag and drop information from various sources into a timeline.

Meograph: is an online platform which offers one of the easiest way to create multimedia stories. It allows you to combine video, audio, pictures, text, links, maps, and timelines into your digital story.  It also allows you to embed your story anywhere on the web.

Cowbird: if you have a few images you want to share and do not want to deal with more sophisticated digital tools, Cowbird is a fairly recent yet powerful tool for creating simple and intimate stories. 

Popcorn Maker: Designed by Mozilla, Popcorn Maker allows you to add interactive features to videos, such as maps, photos, slides, social media, and links.  It can be used for clear cut instructional videos or more creative remixes of images and sound.

Creativist:  is an online storytelling platform that lets you incorporate text, audio, and animation to create visually attractive online stories.

Projqt: an online platform that lets you create dynamic multi-media presentations.

Zeega: is a new form of interactive media, enabling anyone to express themselves by easily combining media from the cloud and sharing these creations with the world.


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