2 Chapter 2: Introduction To Knowledge Streams

Introduction To Knowledge Streams

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The concept of knowledge streams is derived from the belief that all scholars are knowledge producers.  Academic research is often complex and largely confined by traditional methods of publishing scholarly work where specialized audiences of other academics are the only ones privy to this knowledge.  Digital technologies have the potential to change this by providing academics with tools to create supporting content and to cross-promote their workInfographics/data visualizations, podcasts, images, blog posts, etc. can help communicate important research outcomes, while cross-promotion of this information can take place across an array of social media platforms and channels.  Together, these processes facilitate new knowledge streams that have the power to reach a wider audience.  In promoting social justice, academics can use these tools to: (1) raise awareness and promote advocacy, (2) promote stakeholder engagement, (3) build capacity/instruct, and for (4) reporting and data collection


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